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Central Government

Centralised Procurement is an Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) led initiative to centralise spend on common goods and services in order to "buy once" on behalf of government. This requires all departments, their arm’s length bodies, non departmental public bodies and agencies to move their spend on common goods and services to our centrally arranged deals.

ERG sets procurement policy, targets and objectives and our strategy focuses on:

  • Helping you transition spend to the centralised deals and meet the targets set by ERG with a customer relationship team specifically formed to help you do just that.
  • Delivering expert sourcing and category management.
  • Providing centralised data management to improve visibility and help you control spend and monitor compliance.
  • Improved, easy access to the centralised deals through our eProcurement tools.
  • Delivering savings through arrangements which focus on aggregation of volumes, standardisation of specifications, rationalisation of core product lists and demand management.
  • Developing savings methodologies which are approved by Cabinet Office.
  • Proactive supplier management to ensure performance delivery and best prices.
  • Clear, transparent governance and forums for category engagement and performance management.


  • A dedicated relationship manager provides each department (and all the organisations that sit beneath it) with a single point of contact.
  • Monthly progress reports on spend, savings, supplier performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Using centralised deals frees up your procurement resource so you can focus on the specialist procurements to meet your strategic objectives.
  • Our spot buy team can procure goods and services on your behalf providing assistance with further competitions, demand management and aggregation.
  • Category Governance Boards ensure the delivery of the centralised category strategies.
  • Customer Boards help ensure engagement at all levels within your department.

If you are not sure who your relationship manager is please get in touch by calling our customer service desk on 0345 410 2222.