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Spot buying service


Our spot buying team provide a fully managed procurement service for all public sector customers. We run further competitions and open market competitions below the OJEU threshold on behalf of customers, providing expert advice and guidance on the appropriate route to market and procurement strategy for each requirement. We draft all tender documentation, manage the tender process, and conduct all award activities for you thereby saving you time, money and resource.

All customers need to do is provide us with the following information, leaving us responsible for all other associated tasks:

  • Provide a full specification
  • Feed into the documentation – evaluation criteria, agree timetable
  • Provide responses to clarification questions of a technical nature
  • Carry out the quality/technical evaluation

We are committed to delivering a quick, efficient and transparent service to our customers that delivers value for money. The process can take as little as three days from issuing a request for a quote to raising an order, to a targeted maximum of twenty days for more complex further and open competitions. 

If you have a spot buying requirement that you would like us to manage please read the section accessing our services for more information. We can meet all your requirements from low value, simple items to high value, more complex procurements. Charges currently stand at a standard fee of 1% of the contract value, however, should you have a high value requirement a fixed fee will be agreed prior to service commencement.


Service benefits

Benefits of utilising our spot buying service to manage your procurement requirements:

  • Qualified procurement staff to deliver your requirements
  • Services compliant with all current legislation
  • Direct links to category specialists to deliver your requirements
  • Industry leading approach to Lean processes
  • Utilisation of electronic buying tools to make it easier and quicker to access the marketplace
  • Ensures value for the public purse
  • Creates a level playing field for SMEs to bid for public work 

We will:

  • Assess the best approach to market (including potential for eAuction)
  • Develop all tender documentation
  • Advertise the opportunity on Contracts Finder (where applicable)
  • Manage the clarification period
  • Provide training on the eSourcing tool for the completions of online evaluations
  • Complete commercial evaluations
  • Facilitate consensus meetings capturing all consensus scores and rationale
  • Conduct all award activities
  • Facilitate signing of contracts, including redacting and transparency requirements


Accessing our services

In the first instance, to familiarise yourself with the process please read Spot Buy - Process Overview, this will ensure that you understand your role and responsibilities within the procurement process before accessing the service. 

Once you have identified a requirement and you wish to engage the spot buy team to manage your procurement, simply send a completed registration form and populated Appendix B – Service description to the team at Spot.Buying[at][dot]uk

We will assign your work a unique reference number within our tracking system and a dedicated team member who will be responsible for managing your procurement until completion. We aim to notify you of this information within 24 working hours of submission.

Should you wish to discuss your requirement further prior to formal submission please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0345 410 2222.


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