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Buying through a catalogue on Government eMarketplace is ideal when a framework does not require further competition and offers many benefits including:

  • Reduced costs through aggregation - the catalogues available are based on aggregated contracts, often with committed volumes, that help to drive down the price you pay.
  • Reduced transactional costs - once you have signed up for Government eMarketplace you can buy online with a range of access modules from fully integrated, where the transaction is processed through your P2P solution, to a 'pay as you go' module where the transaction is paid for with a procurement card.
  • No catalogue management required - we manage the content of all centralised catalogues removing the overhead from individual organisation.
  • Eliminate paper-based ordering - suppliers receive their purchase orders electronically.
  • Safe and secure ordering - Government eMarketplace is accredited to HMG Level 2 or IL2 and it can be accessed directly over the Internet or via GSi or N3.
  • Improving efficiency - the use of central deals will free up resources so you can concentrate on strategic procurement, helping you to operate within reduced budgets.

Within each framework page the 'Access' tab provides information regarding availability of a catalogue for that specific framework. You can also view a full list of current catalogues below. 

To begin the registration process please email us at eMarketplace[at][dot]uk or see the help page for further details. If you are already registered you can log on here

More help

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