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Vehicle Purchase

Contract ID: RM859

Start Date: 01/02/2011

End Date: 31/10/2014


The Vehicle Purchase framework forms an integral part of many fleet procurement strategies and policies, giving access to a wide range of vehicles needed to deliver essential day to day public services. Vehicle quotations can be obtained via the fleet portal.

Competitive rates are available across five lots:

  • Lot 1: cars including 4x4s.
  • Lot 2: light-medium commercial vehicles less than 7.5 tonnes, including mini buses.
  • Lot 3: commercial vehicles above 7.5 tonnes.
  • Lot 4: motorbikes and scooters.
  • Lot 5: buses and coaches.

The framework can be used in a number of ways to meet your needs:

  • To purchase your own vehicles.
  • In conjunction with our vehicle lease or fleet management services framework agreements.
  • In conjunction with your own leasing or fleet management contract.


  • The most competitive prices for similar goods and services available in the public sector are guaranteed.
  • Ability to evaluate whole life costs and compare lease and purchase options.
  • Streamlined terms and conditions and no sign-up process provides easy access.
  • Opportunity to aggregate your volumes with other organisations and take part in eAuctions based on standard specifications.
  • Option to use a local dealership for delivery and after sales service

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To purchase vehicles you have a number of options:

  1. You can make a direct award.
  2. You can take part in an eAuction.
  3. You can run a further competition.

No sign up is required - if you are eligible to use the framework simply quote RM859 to receive the discounts.

Direct award

For standard vehicles in lots 1 and 2 (up to 3.5 tonnes) the fleet portal provides all the information required for you to make a direct award. For example, pricing and technical details.

The fleet portal enables you to obtain online quotes with a full breakdown of costs for cars, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. You can also compare lease and purchase options in order to evaluate whole life costs. You will need to register for access to the portal here


An eAuction is ideal if you have vehicle requirements that can meet a standardised specification as you can make greater savings by aggregating your requirements with other organisations. If you are interested in taking part in the next eAuction please email fleet[at][dot]uk

We have created a frequently asked questions document for more information about eAuctions.

Please use these links to view the eAuction timetables for July 2014 and November 2014

Further competition

The further competition process should always be used for lots 3, 4 and 5 and for any vehicle which is non-standard in lots 1 and 2. With the exception of lot 1, this can be run via our further competitions tools.

For non-standard lot 1 vehicles you will need to run your own further competition.

Post award, an enabling agreement (which can be found in Schedule 4) must be completed. A copy should be held by the customer, supplier(s) and Government Procurement Service. 

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Savings can be base lined in a number of ways:

  • Based on customers’ previous prices.
  • In line with Cabinet Office guidance on 09/10 baseline costs.
  • Based on whole life costing following eAuctions. Our case studies provide examples of the savings eAuctions have been delivering.

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This framework was developed to replace the previous pan-government framework from Department for Work and Pensions which was expiring. In developing the framework a number of needs were addressed:

  • Make access easier for all public sector organisations.
  • Ensure the best rates are delivered to all customers.
  • Support the Central Government centralised fleet strategy.
  • Provide a compliant route to market for Central Government Departments mandated to use this framework.
  • Support the large fleet requirements of the health sector.
  • Produce standardised terms and conditions.
  • Expand the scope of vehicles available. For example, buses and motorbikes have been added.
  • Support the Vehicle Lease framework agreement.
  • Provide fully warranted non-standard vehicles.

In accordance with the Central Government fleet strategy we set up a project team to establish a second generation Vehicle Purchase framework agreement.

The procurement was undertaken using the restricted procedure; therefore a two stage evaluation process was followed. 

The OJEU notice and pre-qualification questionnaire were published on 30 July 2010 using the BravoSolution web portal. 

The invitation to tender was published on Tuesday 5 October 2010 and closed on Tuesday 9 November 2010 for lots 1-4, and on Friday 19 November 2010 for lot 5.

Following full compliance checks, tenders were evaluated in accordance with the published evaluator’s guidance, methodology and evaluation award criteria.

The fleet team also managed the previous framework during the last 12 months of its life in order to understand how it worked and what improvements could be made for both customers and suppliers in developing this next generation framework.

A key customer stakeholder group was formed to ensure we gathered a wide range of requirements and knowledge from across:

  • Local Government
  • Central Government
  • Health
  • Devolved Administrations (specifically Northern Ireland)
  • Police
  • Emergency Services

We also engaged with Department for Transport with regards to fleet policy.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 27 - click here to view suppliers
1 Cars including 4x4s Fleet 20 - click here to view suppliers 31/07/2014
2 Light-Medium Commercial Vehicles Less than 7.5T including Mini Buses Fleet 14 - click here to view suppliers 31/07/2014
3 Commercial Vehicles Above 7.5T Fleet 4 - click here to view suppliers 31/07/2014
4 Motorbikes & Scooters Fleet 4 - click here to view suppliers 31/07/2014
5 Buses & Coaches Fleet 2 - click here to view suppliers 31/07/2014

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Kim Harrison

0151 672 2299

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