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Multifunctional Devices and Services, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services

Contract ID: RM1599

Start Date: 06/03/2012

End Date: 28/02/2015


News: Framework extension please click here to find out more.

Lot 1: is for the supply and delivery of a limited range of multi functional devices (MFD) with standard configuration from a single supplier negating the need for further competition.

The range includes mono and colour capable pre-specified products from small multifunctional devices to large office-based free standing machines including:

  • Mono and colour capable MFDs with standard network interfaces
  • Consumables including toner and staples (not paper)
  • Maintenance and support including training (on-site)
  • Finance based upon fixed term operating leases and agreed service charges (cost per page)
  • 10 devices in total (5 mono and 5 colour capable)

Lot 2: is for the supply and delivery of a wide portfolio of products based upon the suppliers’ offering from small single function desk top printers (only where balanced deployment is required) to large print room high volume products, consisting of mono, colour and colour-capable, network and non-network requirements.

Suppliers will provide an ‘enhanced service’ offering to meet customer’s specific needs but will stop short of a fully Managed Print Service as this is available in lot 3.

The scope includes:

  • Mono, colour and colour-capable MFDs, digital copiers, mono and colour network printers and print room machines, all with standard network interfaces
  • Print room services
  • All the above devices utilised within an ‘enhanced service’ provision where required
  • Software enabling product management e.g. remote diagnostics
  • Push and pull printing software
  • Options including paper storage/feed, finishing, print controller/RIP, memory, postscript, hard disks, fax etc.  Duplex is expected as standard for all but the slowest devices
  • Consumables including toner and staples
  • Auditing software for print management/accounting, print routing/load balancing, email notification, scanning software with optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Document management/archiving tools which enable seamless integration into newly acquired or existing document management software platforms
  • Maintenance and support including training (on and off-site)
  • Surveys: fact-finding about existing kit, networks, principal flows and page output, ideally with vendor neutral analysis and further customer proposals (generally provided following award of ‘local’ customer contract)
  • Finance offering the customer flexibility relating to the payment configuration, including lease, rental offerings, asset management, and cost per print

Lot 3: is for the provision of a Managed Print Service that includes (but is not confined to):

  • The ability to deliver both forecasted and actual savings
  • The provision of appropriate devices and consumables
  • A reliable support and service infrastructure (including support/service desk)
  • The ability to respond to ‘local’ specific requirements as detailed during further competitions
  • A 24 hour/7 day support/service (as detailed at further competition stage)
  • The ability to support and integrate with different operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux) (as detailed at further competition stage)
  • The ability to support and integrate with varying accounting and document management systems (as detailed at further competition stage)
  • The ability to offer bespoke/off the shelf software relevant to the use and monitoring of appropriate devices.

Suppliers will also have a robust offering relating to the provision of service and support for multi-vendor environments.

The maximum call-off contract is 7 years.  Customers do not lease or own any product which is supplied. The contracted Managed Print Service will normally be delivered at the customer’s premises i.e. on-site.

Lot 4: is for the provision of an entirely independent vendor neutral print audit service based on the total cost transparency of a customer’s existing printing processes with a further provision for proposed revisions where required.

Suppliers will not provide devices or equipment as part of this lot.

Suppliers will provide objective and professional advice and surveys for tactical and strategic requirements.  All tactical advice will be given in the context of sound strategic direction.

Different levels of survey are available and can be summarised as:

  1. Where a small number of products are involved a snapshot assessment will be completed followed by a short, written report.
  2. More complex due diligence surveys will assess the existing printer/copier/fax fleet, its deployment, the existing page volumes (for example by using print audit software over a 30 day period), the IT infrastructure and the customer requirements.  The survey will establish the total cost of ownership.  Key outputs may be board presentation, savings targets, recommendations for the balanced deployment of appropriate devices and for page output management and a proposed implementation plan.
  3. Energy and paper saving proposals can be offered as part of the audit where requested. This will be demonstrated in Kwh and Co2 savings based on current UK statistics.
  4. Ownership of intellectual property arising out of surveys will pass to the customer in all cases.
  5. Any other requirement which is considered appropriate in line with this industry’s capability and which is considered within scope of print audit services.

Suppliers will agree a non-disclosure agreement with you which ensures that the intellectual property of data is retained by you at all times. Data collected and proposals made as a result of print audits will NOT be shared with other parties without your written consent.

The supplier will be required to analyse and present giving full visibility of their organisational document production activities and associated costs.

The supplier will present data that enables you to either revise your existing print strategy and/or acts as a component of a tender process or a pre-cursor to the tender itself.


  • Savings in excess of 15% over all lots
  • Choice of suppliers in lots 2 to 4
  • Lot 1 provides a limited catalogue of pre-specified devices available to browse and buy online at No need for further competition. Prices fixed for two years. Potential savings using lot 1 for hardware are an average of 46% and click rates an average of 49% (benchmarked against the previous RM450 framework prices)
  • Lot 2 provides an opportunity to reduced core list pricing through eAuction and further competition
  • Range of service wrap models ensuring full visibility of service costs
  • Lot 3 provides flexibility in price and service requirements to suit individual requirements (cost per head/cost per impression)
  • A full range of sustainable products that meet the Government Buying Standards
  • Lot 4 provides a totally independent and vendor agnostic view of your organisation’s needs and requirements

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There are three routes to procure MFDs, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services:

  1. You can make a direct award
  2. You can take part in an eAuction
  3. You can run a further competition

No sign up is required - if you are eligible to use the framework simply quote the framework reference number on your purchase order (RM1599) to access the arrangement.

Customer Guidance on how to access pricing.

Direct award (Lot 1 )

An online catalogue is available for direct purchases via the Government eMarketplace, which can be accessed here. If you would like more information on how to register for the Government eMarketplace please refer to our Overview. N.B. If you would like to browse and shop from these catalogues, ask your Zanzibar administrator to make the catalogues listed below available to you, if you are a user of the Government eMarketplace you will already have access to these catalogues by default. The catalogues available are:

  • GEM_XERO01_001_01 - Xerox MFD RM1599 10/12

Please consult the customer guidance document for further information.

Direct award (Lots 2, 3 and 4)

If your contract terms are in line with the framework terms and you can demonstrate only one supplier can fulfil your requirement, based on VFM and/or specification, then you can direct award from these lots, without the need for further competition.

Please consult the customer guidance document for further information.

eAuction (Lots 2, 3 and 4)

To support you to drive greater efficiencies in procuring MFDs, Managed Print Services and Print Audit Services we run eAuctions to aggregate customer spend in instances where a standard service profile and core list of products can be defined. Previous eAuctions have achieved in excess of 25% cost savings for customers through product standardisation, product rationalisation and aggregating spend across multiple organisations.

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in an eAuction please email your contact details to OfficeSolutionsDO[at][dot]uk and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your potential requirements.

Further competition (Lots 2, 3 and 4)

If you wish to enter into a relationship with one of the framework suppliers you can run a further competition and place your own individual call-off contract. Please consult the customer guidance document or contact OfficeSolutionsDO[at][dot]uk if you require any further advice or guidance.

You can issue a further competition to suppliers here.

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Savings are calculated primarily in two ways:

  • Based on customers’ previous prices
  • In line with Cabinet Office guidance on 09/10 baseline costs

The most effective way to achieve savings through this framework agreement is by either taking advantage of the significant savings offered in lot 1 where a specific product specification can be defined, by running a further competition in lots 2 or 3 where a balanced deployment approach may be more suitable or by taking part in an eAuction. Lot 4 also offers customers the opportunity to identify savings via a totally independent and vendor agnostic view of your organisations needs and requirements.

The prices available via this framework are maximum prices (i.e further competitions may drive further cost benefits) and are fixed.

Suppliers cannot charge above these prices but may reduce costs through a further competition or eAuction. If known volume and historical spend information is provided upfront, the suppliers are likely to provide a more competitive bid delivering savings for customers.

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  • The previous framework for photocopiers and multifunctional products and services (ref RM450) expired on 29 February 2012.
  • The centralised model has been developed collaboratively with two of the largest buying organisations in the wider public sector: YPO and Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).
  • The framework has been developed to meet the needs of a range of customers and awarded as a number of specific lots ensuring better deals for customers.
  • The framework provides customers with complete transparency in relation to pricing, standardised terms and pre-defined service levels.
  • Following a period of consultation with key public sector organisations and one to one meetings with major suppliers in the market, the centralised approach for this common area of spend was developed.
  • We undertook a ‘deep dive’ analysis including engagement with Central Government Departments and wider public sector stakeholders to understand and analyse the needs of customers. The data and information sourced through this process helped to shape the overall procurement strategy and develop the framework structure away from a one size fits all approach to one with specific lots designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.
  • We also undertook a ‘lessons learned’ process from our legacy framework(s) in this area and undertook an approach to ensure that ‘best’ practice is a continued theme including its approach to standardised lease terms.
  • We have utilised our industry knowledge and best practice in the award of this framework agreement.
  • We will manage this framework in partnership with YPO and ESPO and continually monitor supplier performance against the contracted terms and service levels.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 14 - click here to view suppliers
1 Limited Range of Standard Specification Multifunctional Devices and Services Office 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2015
2 Full Catalogue Offering of Multifunctional Devices and Services (including Print Room Services) Office 4 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2015
3 Managed Print Services Office 4 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2015
4 Print Audit Services Office 9 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2015

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Paul Reardon

Customer Service Desk: 0345 410 2222

0345 410 2222

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