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  • Allied Health Professionals Health Science and Emergency Services Temporary Staff

    Framework number: RM959

    RM959 This agreement gives you a compliant and cost-effective route to allied health professionals (AHP), health science services (HSS) and emergency services (ES) temporary staff, covering the full range of Agenda for Change bands and NHS Employers job profiles. Prices are provided on the basis of

  • Framework Agreement for the provison of Natural Gas Supply (Non Daily Metered) and Additional Services

    Framework number: RM897

    RM897 Under this single supplier framework for non-daily metered natural gas supplies and additional services, goods and works the trading team aggregate your volume and manage the execution of trading on behalf of organisations to deliver value for money in a complex, fast moving marketplace.

  • Legal Services Framework Agreement

    Framework number: RM919

    RM919 Welcome to the Crown Commercial Service Legal Services framework. This framework forms a key part of a “joined up” and coherent supply strategy for legal services designed to supplement your “in-house” legal resource. It represents the “latest thinking” and “best practice” as a strategy for

  • Traffic Management Technology

    Framework number: RM869

    RM869 The Traffic Management Technology framework gives you to access a comprehensive range of traffic management technology goods and services. The lots covered by the framework agreement are: Lot 1    Traffic Management Solutions Lot 2    Traffic Signals and Ramp Metering Lot 3    Electronic and